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This is the home of the Lancaster County, SC Democrats. We have designed this site as a news portal for all the people in Lancaster County and beyond. It is our goal to present our state and county with what is seldom seen lately - civil discussion of issues that matter in the day-t0-day lives of our citizens! It is our hope that you will join us at our meetings and support our candidates for offices at every level. We offer a wide range of views and issues that can relate to almost every person. While others seek the past, we seek the future and what it can bring to our state.

Again, Welcome!.

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For more information about Democratic County meetings, call Keith T. Grey, Sr at 704-241-3445 or by email at   Check our web site for future information about Lancaster County Party activities (

Lancaster County SC Democrats
Rebuilding Precincts, the County, and the State

The Lancaster County Democratic Party will hold Monthly meetings at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm on the second Thursday of each month at the Lancaster Democratic HQ, 212 S. Main St. in Lancaster. 

This Thursday, July 14, after the usual offical business, Lauren Kornegay, Project Coordinator for Lancaster County Outreach Project will address us on the topic: "Here's how YOU can help Give the Innocent Faith for Tomorrow". Where her vision is to enhance the lives of the abused and neglected children and adults served Lancaster County Department of Social Services. And has a mission of providing opportunities and resources to abused and neglected children and their caregivers as identified by DSS through a collaborative community partnership.


Important 2016 Election News

If you vote in the Republican Primary on June 14, you will NOT be eligible to become a Democratic Party official until 2018.  

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